Jen Fisher Books

Used Books, Original Art, Photography, etc.

Jen Fisher Books represents the realization of a lifetime dream to have my own Bookstore.    My story is not all that different from many others who found themselves in a career that was not overly fulfilling and took an event that could have been a huge negative and turned it into an opportunity to pursue my passions...books and art. 

I realize that some believe there is no longer a place for the “brick and mortar” bookstore but I firmly believe there is a place for print books, e-books and the like as one type of reading material is not for everyone.  We have books ranging from popular authors of fiction and mystery genres to some collectible and rare books plus children and young adult selections.  I do not profess to have a book for everyone but I do encourage and welcome people to stop by and see if I have a book for them and then to come back because in the book industry inventory is continually changing.  I hope to grow my business in time but I have no plans to be anything other than a small Used Bookstore that has books to be read and enjoyed.

Below are pictures of Tom and me plus just some of our inspirations and family members.  Zydeco (the cat), Maisie Dobbs "Dobbsie" (the dog) and Lumbar (the monkey.)  Each have appeared at one time or another on my Facebook page at Jen Fisher Books.